5G liability notices to council CEOs

Writing letters and emails has no power to change the threat of 5G. Instead you need powerful common law notices

The pen is mightier than the sword

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This service goes live in 10 days. You will be able to click the button to create notices shortly. We are currently updating the notice template

We are currently producing 5G liability notices for MPs, Telecoms companies, Ofcom (the Telecoms Regulator), GP surgeries, schools, hospitals, care homes and anywhere else that allows 5G technology to be placed near human life.


First, however, we are focusing on councils as the gate-keepers to planning applications that have allowed telecoms companies to do the damage without any consideration for the impact on human health. Councils only care about profit.

You now no longer need to be an expert in common law to take action as we have taken the hard work out by providing you with a simple form to complete in less than 5 minutes that will automatically generate notices that come to you automatically by email that you can print and post as part of a 3-notice process.

Please watch the video to learn more before you click the "create notices !" button.

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