5G as a Trojan Horse

A few months ago, at the beginning of the Pandemic, there were reports about citizens in the UK pulling down 5G towers. Why were they doing this...?

Apart from the conspiracy theories, what the mainstream media didn't tell us is that whilst we were on Lockdown the Telecom companies were furiously erecting these everywhere in the UK by stealth. The false narrative from mainstream media, at that time, was that certain people think 5G causes Covid-19, when in fact the argument was that 5G may be stressing the human body in a way that might make people more susceptible to sickness and disease. There is a dearth of research to be done on health impacts on humans, where most of the research supporting 5G has been generated by the Telecoms industry themselves.

Right now it is extremely unlikely that the UK Government will relinquish Emergency Powers and that ongoing Lockdown compliance will begin to be monitored by mass surveillance. Effectively this is what the Track and Trace programme is. With 5G, huge amounts of CCTV data from every street in every town can be sent to a centralised server to be processed by Artificial Intelligence that will be able to use facial recognition and other data to recognise and detect people. The kind of bandwidth and speed that 5G offers will provide real-time instantaneous capability to monitor everybody all of the time with minimal manpower.

In his documentary Derrick Broze provides an eye-opening view on all of the issues with 5G including the conflicts of interest, in addition to the lack of health studies or proof of safety, in a mission to steam-roll this set of technologies out at break-neck speed.

You can get the manuscript and follow Derrick's work at 'The Conscious Resistance' site: https://theconsciousresistance.com/trojanhorse/