Accept digital slavery or remain segregated? Medical apartheid is on it's way...

Zed Phoenix discusses the serious implications of immunity Passports and mass surveillance on his YouTube channel:

In a previous article we introduced the topic of Immunity Passports, being considered as a way to get people back into workplaces, and how the Government has not yet addressed the key issue of discrimination in what will be a system of Medical Apartheid if it does proceed with this.

We focused on Nature Journal's 10 Reasons why Immunity Passports won’t, can’t and shouldn’t be implemented. Nature warns that, in their view, any documentation that limits individual freedoms on the basis of biology risks becoming a platform for restricting human rights, increasing discrimination and threatening rather than protecting public health:

Despite the warnings it seems the public may soon be coerced into taking a test and agreeing to expose their Covid-19 test status in return for access into now forbidden parts of the public space (if there is natural immunity / proof of vaccination) or otherwise sit at home and be denied the ability to fully work and operate in society.

So far the lead runner for Immunity Passports seems to be Manchester-Based Cybersecurity firm VST Enterprises, although there were previously discussions with a company called Onifido:

VST's CoviPass has already been signed up to by 15 countries, including Italy, Portugal, France, India, the US, Canada, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands:

Although exact protocols have not been discussed at this stage, if people don’t own a smartphone then they could likely be asked to print a paper version, perhaps, or may be posted a wristband, as covered in a BBC article during the height of the Pandemic:

We should take a moment to ask ourselves what are the ethics of allowing some people to enjoy the benefits of society and not others based on their health status? Could we imagine denying access to somebody with HIV or Cancer to public services, employment, social functions, for instance? Covid-19 is a disease that has a mortality rate of less than 1%, not affecting the vast majority of people, and was quickly removed from the High Consequence Infectious Diseases (HCID) list on the 19th March 2020 once it was discovered that it doesn't have the fatality rate of, say, Ebola which is around 50%:

Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer, explained the actual risks of Covid-19 back on the 11th May 2020:

Effectively, what the government may seek to introduce is the ability to discriminate between those with immunity and those without.

We may well imagine that many will give in to the hugely destructive and damaging inconveniences imposed by the Government by agreeing to the Immunity Passport scheme and eventually to taking a vaccination. In both cases the Government wins by holding the Public hostage until they give in to their demands. The first win is having us all agree to becoming digital slaves who are tracked and traced all the time and the second is by having us participate in a multi-trillion dollar vaccination business once it arrives. Covid-19 is clearly a business where Big Pharma, facilitated by Governments, has found a new global market to make money from the planet twice yearly that will of course leave us all in debt. Just like flu vaccinations we can expect these to change annually to keep their income stream going.

Tracking the public's movements will not only consign everybody to giving up their privacy but also to generate rich and valuable data about what we all do in the real world that can be sold on to marketers and other interested parties (such as corporations) as another source of income. Nobody explains the concept of 'Surveillance Capitalism' better than Dr Shoshana Zuboff. This is a must-see for anybody who believes that governments, corporations and technology companies wouldn't do this:

Beyond its immediate use for Covid-19 tracking, an Immunity Passport can be used by stealth to authenticate people to all kinds of government and retail services including banking, for example. There has been a huge push towards cashless society with corporations leading the charge in refusing to accept paper money. With the decimation of local, small and medium sized businesses, the cry for cashless will become deafening in no time. The consequences of allowing the Government to see all of our transactions and purchase choices is not only dangerous but can also restrict how we do business with others. Indeed the very right to work and do business is already being dictated to us by a Government keen on using this crisis to reengineer every part of life and society as we knew it. It is convenient that the Government can now usher in their Fourth Industrial Revolution that is also in line with the 'Great Reset' that the World Economic Forum has also miraculously pulled out of thin air in rapid time:

It is not hard to see that the Government will intend to bring in a China style Social Credit system as an endgame on the back of an Immunity Passport in order to further micro-manage our behaviour, and we should certainly expect this to happen fairly quickly going by what we have seen in China. Social Credit was introduced there in 2018 after initial pilots and has worked as a way to coerce and shame people into doing what the Government demands of them. Citizens are marked down for protesting, crossing roads without waiting for the lights and all manner of other small transgressions. The Government then denies people the ability to use public transport and to get credit, for example, amongst other things whilst also being penalised with fines and other dystopian measures. This is all managed and executed with the help of officials, communities that have been turned into spies and informants, as well as 5G enabled mass surveillance systems that are increasingly monitored with AI (Artificial Intelligence).

It seems the vast majority of the British Public are unaware that we are on the cusp of historical change where either we stand firm for our freedoms, by opposing Immunity Passport, or otherwise sell out to those who would seek to oppress us. In the 400 years since slavery began, let us not fall victim to a new technological system of slavery that is no longer based on the colour of our skin. We can't forget what Rosa Parkes did for the US Black Civil Rights movement by refusing to get up from the bus reserved for 'whites' - she changed the game in that one action. It only takes one person to make that difference, you are that person because you have the power to say "No, I will not participate in the Immunity Passport Scheme". That is the power you hold.