All across the world people are uniting, sometimes even with the police...

All across the world wonderful things are happening... people are standing up together for their freedoms and finally being backed up shoulder to shoulder by the police in some instances who are recognising there is corruption and fraud behind the official global narrative we are still being asked to believe. The emperor's clothes are coming off and the world is starting to see...

Here is the solidarity the police in Genoa showed with their people in Italy. This is heart warming and the kind of progress we need to see happening everywhere:

More recently Denmark had been protesting against mandatory vaccinations for the last 9 days with pots and pans, and obviously there had been a media blackout preventing the wider public, even in Denmark, from knowing this.

On the back of their tenacity the Danes were able to push away the evils of the 'Epidemic Law' that was being imposed on them by the now corrupted Danish Government that are following a familiar pattern of global diktats on their own citizens:

We have to ask ourselves why this is not front page news everywhere? At the end of this video a Danish woman is expressing tears of joy for overcoming. Who knows for how long this will last but for now it seems that mandatory vaccinations have been averted. The Danish people are showing the way.

You can read more about what was being proposed here since there is no coverage of this anywhere else:

Meanwhile in Berlin the people continue to protest hard:

The fact the authorities are now using water canons says it all. They are losing control of the narrative and resorting to more desperate measures. How exactly do you put a genie back in the bottle? The truth is that once people wake up to how ludicrous the entire Covid control plan has been, it becomes impossible to humour or entertain the misinformation and disinformation that the mainstream media are churning out daily at an unstoppable rate. Germans are awake and realising what has been playing out. Berliners, especially, have been there before and they are not going to let fascism triumph again. It is indeed everybody’s moral duty to not let that happen again. Lest we forget.

Also in France we saw Parisians at Trocadéro protesting their disagreement with the 'Global Security' bill:

There have been widespread protests in not only Paris but in other main towns in France against the bill which places restrictions on the press and journalists from filming / photographing police activity. Considering how violent French police have been to their citizens it’s no wonder there is huge public concern that this will shield the police from public scrutiny. Such measures are just more evidence that all Governments are colluding against their own people and trying to bring in unjust and nefarious laws under the radar in a desperate bid to protect themselves from citizen pushback. This is all happening at a time when there is a collapsing Covid narrative that more and more people are wising up to.

Finally we see police officers in Australia speaking against tyranny, most heavily directed at those in Melbourne who have had to suffer at the hands of a government propagating lies. You can see that police officials at higher levels are trying to shut down and censor any whistle blowers:

With every voice that speaks out, it lessens the power of those trying to push through the United Nations/World Economic Forum global ‘Great Reset’ agenda that is playing out.

In the final hour it will be a question of us all finding our humanity, our senses and uniting to see who the common enemy really is. It is definitely not a virus that has an over 99% recovery rate in most cases.

On a positive note we leave you this video from 'Computing Forever' on why we will win this battle in the end. This channel is doing some fantastic research, analysis and reporting for those who can appreciate critical thinking - we highly recommend signing up to this channel on Youtube and Bitchute: