Dear MP, we need a little chat about those vaccines...

For all those concerned about the actions of Parliament and what is now clearly a dereliction of their duty to protect us, we now have a letter template to send to your MP.

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Credit goes to Save Our Rights and their vaccine template can also be found here at their website:

Dear MP

I write to you today as a concerned constituent and with the support of Save Our Rights UK.

As we all know there is much talk at the moment of the new coronavirus vaccine. However, there are aspects of this conversation that are causing me great concern.

Firstly there is the discussion around mandation and that venues and work places will be able to ask you for proof of vaccination. This is ethically and morally problematic. It is in direct contravention to the Nuremberg Code. The first stipulation of which is “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” This cannot be given if it is mandated or if people are coerced due to other potential restrictions on their freedoms and liberties eg not being able to go to places of work or leisure.

A petition was started back in August on this matter – and at the time of writing had over 245,000 signatures. The Government’s response was less than satisfactory. It merely stated that “There are currently no plans to place restrictions on those who refuse to have any potential Covid-19 vaccine.” This response was given on 11th Sept 2020 so is now over two months old and we have recently seen Matt Hancock state that he will not rule out mandating vaccines. However, even if the Government does not itself place restrictions upon individuals for choosing to not have the vaccine, it ought to be proactively protecting its people from others doing so. The Government do not grant us our rights, they are there to protect them. This includes bodily autonomy and freedom from discrimination. Therefore, I request you call for this debate to be heard and to do all you can to bring about a Bill preventing discrimination on the basis of vaccine status in any form in the UK, including airports, whether this be by bringing forward a Private Members Bill or by lobbying the Government as a matter of urgency.

Please let me know your thoughts and what action you will take on this matter.

Secondly, there is talk of shutting down all reasonable debate on the matter of the vaccine under the guise of “anti-vax”. This is a gross overreaction as well as a misnomer. Things based on truth, science and transparency do not fear debate or criticism as they know they will stand the test of time. So therefore why does Parliament fear it regarding the Covid vaccine? Shutting down a debate does more harm than to engage and attempt to rectify the issues. It’s also a huge infringement upon free speech. Surely this is not a path one wants to go down especially not to the point of punitive punishments as has been suggested? This doesn’t just apply to individual members of the public, there are also hundreds of respected doctors who raise concerns over vaccine safety, yet they are shut down and censored. Where is the open scientific debate?

As stated it’s also a misnomer, there are thousands upon thousands of people who have all other vaccines who would choose to not have the Covid vaccine. They are not “anti-vaxxers” and I would again urge Parliament to stop such sweeping statements in an effort to undermine genuine concerns.

Here are a number of concerns that I and many others hold about the Covid-19 vaccine:

• These vaccines are being rushed through, therefore it is impossible to know they are safe. Vaccines normally have 5-10 years safety testing.

• The last rushed through vaccine was for H1N1 back in 2009 from which people went on to develop debilitating narcolepsy for which the Government paid out £60m in compensation, but some of these symptoms didn’t emerge until 4yrs down the line, giving further weight to the previous point.

• The 1976 Swine Flu scare in the US led to 46 million Americans taking a vaccine to avoid a pandemic. That resulted in 4,500 Americans claiming damages of up to $3.4bn. Two thirds of the claims were for neurological damage or death.

• Not only is the Pfizer vaccine rushed through, it is also using mRNA technology which is brand new so it is not even comparable to any other vaccine on the market so we cannot expect similar results and may have unexpected long term consequences.

• Pfizer has a shocking track record including the largest ever health care fraud payout in the US of $2.3bn. They have also been fined £90m by a competition watchdog for unfair pricing to the NHS by hiking up the cost of Anti epilepsy drug by 2,500%. Charging the taxpayer an extra £48 million than the actual price which is £2 million per year and we are entrusting them with a new vaccine which they have refused to sell on a non-profit basis?

• The MHRA have put out a tender for an AI system to deal with large numbers of expected adverse reactions to the new vaccine.

These are not “conspiracy” nor are they “anti-vax”, they are genuine and valid concerns that many people have. I would be interested in your thoughts on each of the points raised and whether you yourself think on this basis that the vaccine will be safe and if so, why? Even if you do believe it’s safe, will you make a commitment to allowing reasoned open debate and therefore not voting in support of any legislation brought forward to criminalise any free speech deemed “anti-vax”? As well as doing what you can to bring about a Bill to protect our rights from discrimination based upon vaccine status.

Please let me know what actions you have taken on these matters.

Kind regards