UK Column News - 19th June 2020: Government steams ahead with vaccines that haven't been approved

Today's UK Column News from 19h June 2020:

Today's UK Column News began with an amusing take on the inconsistencies of Covid-19 in regards to the ability of small and independent businesses to operate with the appearance of a cunning Covid-19 cartoon character called 'Coroni', a wordplay on Corona and Crony. This becomes clearer as we learn more about the Government's crony capitalist friends who are continuing to be able to do business or being bailed out whilst the little man is effectively blocked. We're talking about local businesses, dentists, hair stylists, local market stallholders, manicurists, etc.

Later in the bulletin there's a more serious look at how the Government is now moving full steam ahead with spending tax payer money on vaccines that have not been approved for use in humans nor proven to be effective. They highlight that testing on animals has been skipped altogether so far. The NHS and vaccine companies have been fully indemnified from being sued against a vaccine injury so are able to escape any kind of liability. Bill Gates (as self proclaimed vaccine guru) himself quoted that 700,000 people might suffer side effects globally. The UK Government has a policy of paying out a mere £120,000 per individual in such cases as a one off payment, subject to proving that you are at least 60% disabled directly from the vaccine to qualify for this:

UK Column News rightly asks whether the rush for production is really about the financial incentives, so that Big Pharma and Imperial College, amongst others, are still paid regardless of whether the vaccines are used or not. We are talking about sums in excess of £100 million of tax payer money that are finding their way into the pockets of huge companies like Astra Zeneca. What guarantees are there this isn't a deal done to swindle the taxpayer of yet more money? With the failure of PPE equipment already, and now the recent NHS app (that most experts warned wouldn't work), it's fair to ask whether these are really mistakes or in fact a way to asset strip the public as part of a financial heyday where blank cheques can be written at will with little oversight on a range of initiatives and ventures. Government seems to be behaving like a venture capitalist that has money to burn on a hedge.

The bulletin also covers the issues of arbitrary social distances where Government is now discussing a 1 metre distance as well as the very serious health consequences of wearing masks which the Government were initially saying are not useful but has since done a U-turn.

Building of rhetoric around tensions with China concludes the bulletin. It seems that we may be being groomed for a war sooner rather than later.