Hidden agendas, discussed by Dr Vernon Coleman...


Dr Vernon Coleman mentions that as of 19th March 2020 the UK Government excluded Covid-19 from its list of High Consequence Infectious Diseases (HCID).

What's most worrying is that this happened right before UK Lockdowns began and yet few were aware of this change.

Despite the change the Government considers SARS-Cov-2 to be dangerous enough to continue to enforce their Lockdown:


The disease was initially included in the HCID list in January 2020 when we had little information about the impacts.

A High Consequence Infectious Disease is defined by the UK as a disease which checks the following criteria:

  • It should be an acute infectious disease. An acute infection is one which shows a sudden onset of symptoms and resolves itself in a matter of days or months. Though, acute infections may have long term consequences and may put the patient at risk of developing chronic diseases later in life.

  • It is usually difficult to recognise and detect quickly

  • It may not have effective preventive measures or treatment

  • It can spread in communities and healthcare facilities

  • It has a high mortality rate

  • It requires strict measures at the individual and community level to be managed safely, efficiently and effectively

Covid-19 does not check all of the points mentioned in the criteria for HCID anymore, especially with a mortality rate of less than 1%, making is too low for it to be classified as such. We wrote about the statistics previously when covering a statement made by Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer:


Currently, the HCID list contains diseases such as Ebola (fatality rate of 50%), SARS (mortality rate of 11%), MERS (fatality rate of 34.4%), and Nipah virus infection (mortality rate of 40 - 75%).

With all of this in mind, this raises the question that if Covid-19 is not of such high consequence anymore, then why are we still on Lockdown...?