How Parliament became a farce...

Labour decides to step aside and abstain from voting against the new Tier System. Are we surprised any more...?

It is beyond 'moral cowardice' when Labour, who are now nothing more than controlled opposition, choose to abstain from voting in order to allow the Government to continue down the destructive path it has been going. We wrote about this previously:

Let there be no doubt that what we now have in place is a group of 650 odd, gutless MPs who are pocketing our money and still taking us towards the brink of bankruptcy and economic suicide. A no deal Brexit is looming and a recession of the kind from which we will never recover as a result of shutting down our small and medium sized businesses. Meanwhile big corporations like Amazon continue to pay no tax and reap the benefits of their dwindling high street competition.

The illusion of democracy has become so transparent that it needs to be said that the emperor has no clothes...

Information is power.

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