Huge numbers marched for freedom again this Saturday 24th October 2020...

A huge march happened in London this Saturday where tens of thousands of people turned up to show their dissatisfaction with this Government's Covid agenda, bringing London to a complete standstill. This is the fourth in a series of rallies and protests against Coronavirus measures.

Contrary to previous occasions where public disorder officers in riot gear have violently attacked innocent civilians without provocation, this time the numbers were so great that police have finally decided to assist people with their right of assembly in protesting the imposition of Government on our everyday lives. This very much appears to be in response to complaints that Sadiq Khan and Commissioner of the Met Police, Cressida Dick, have been playing politics to stop protests and rallies that do not align with the Government narrative.

You can read about previous events here:

The march began at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, through Oxford Street, down Charing Cross Road and on to Scotland Yard police headquarters, then to Buckingham Palace (which seems vacant since being abandoned by the Queen) and then finally on to Trafalgar Square.

This time around it has been refreshing to finally start seeing some honest coverage from the mainstream media following this event:

The usual corporate spin has been to downplay the numbers attending, accuse anybody protesting of being right-wing, pick out people carrying ‘conspiracy’ banners, etc to give the appearance that everybody is crazy or unhinged in some way, when in fact the vast majority come to claim their civil rights. This Saturday we saw people from all across the UK of every age, class, gender, race, ability and political persuasion join hands and make noise.

There were some scuffles at the end but this now seems to be typical. In largely absent state media, it appears that the police usually become aggressive at some stage to capture the 'money' shots of people being 'disorderly' for the newspapers and TV stations to maintain the general narrative that protestors come to London to cause trouble. Nothing is further from the truth once you attend any of these events and see for yourself what is really happening...