Is this is the final nail in the coffin? Human Rights laws are changing...

We've previously mentioned that our civil right are being stripped from us and that human rights are under attack. None has this been more apparent than with the right to protest:

We've known for a while that Human Rights laws were to be changed/scrapped. The Conservatives have threatened this for a while:

In the current climate that we find ourselves in, many of those who are awakened to the deceit are distrustful and expecting the worse since it was confirmed that the Government has launched what it calls an 'independent review' of the Human Rights Act:

Like everything else that has happened this year, we doubt there will much independence in this as the rights of the Public are strategically trampled on to help the state insulate itself against citizen pushback in the face of their increasingly dystopian policies.

As part of any change we are all wary of mandatory masks, testing and vaccinations. We suspect that the Government knows it does not have the full support for these measures as yet and would be trying to do this by stealth for now. Going forward they may allow shops and workplaces to legally deny entry to those who do not comply.

In a recent development we also heard that the Home Secretary Priti Patel is now planning another separate bill designed to limit our right to protest specifically:

The Guardian article highlights how the Government is also going to be limiting judicial reviews so that the Government cannot be held to account for its actions by the courts.

More recently, Government allowed itself to legally commit crimes under the Covert Human Intelligence Sources bill. The reaction from the Public was depressingly missing and shows clearly the dangerous level of indifference now amongst the public. We tried to raise awareness on this site:

Priti's new bill appears to be instigated by BLM (Black Lives Matter) and Extinction Rebellion which are both thought to be astro-turfed movements bank-rolled by wealthy elites with ulterior political motives rather than the genuine grass-roots movements.

The video below exposing Extinction Rebellion is very interesting to watch:

We have every reason to believe that the new bill will be used for the wrong purposes to penalise genuine grass roots movements, particularly anybody protesting Covid-19 and Lockdowns... We shall of course keep our readers updated on what happens next...