Mainstream media starting to acknowledge Lockdown deaths are happening

There is finally some truth on the consequences of Lockdown and an acknowledgment that people are dying at home and in care homes from a lack of medical services. Prof Neil Ferguson's computer models did not factor these in and raises the question whether we can trust the actions that SAGE is taking.

As many wards remain empty with staff unable to do anything, untold damage is likely being inflicted on the public and precipitating a ticking time-bomb of general health impacts. We don't need an inquiry to know that there are going to be short and long term consequences. For those who are still beating the "Stay at home" drum, there now needs to be more open discussion about those who have died from Lockdown and those who are desperately missing out on life-saving healthcare where time is not on their side.

An article from the Guardian follows:

Here it's reported that Doctors’ leaders have warned that some sick people are too scared to go to hospital and are aware that much of the usual NHS care had been suspended in the pandemic. They quote Dr Chaand Nagpaul, the council chair of the British Medical Association:

"The devastation wrought by Covid-19 spreads far beyond the immediate effects of the illness itself... While all parts of the NHS have rallied round in a bid to meet the immediate rocketing demand caused by the pandemic, more than half of doctors in a recent BMA survey have told us that this is worsening the care of non-Covid patients.”

Dr Nagpaul cited a fall in A&E visits of up to 50% and a drop by half of patients attending hospitals with heart attacks. He follows on to say:

“Referrals from GPs are not being accepted unless for serious medical conditions and routine investigations to aid diagnosis are not available in many cases. This means many ill patients are not getting the care they so desperately need now – and crucially, risking their conditions getting worse and with some even dying as a result”

The Guardian states that Prof Andrew Goddard, president of the Royal College of Physicians, is quoted as saying that excess community deaths from non-Covid causes had been seen across Europe and also says that a report this week found there had been about 11,600 such fatalities in Italy during its pandemic, including deaths from heart attacks and strokes. The journalist writing this article summarises by saying there is the concern that some of the deaths in care homes were avoidable – in that some people died because they did not get life-saving treatment in hospitals, because of a reluctance to send them for specialist medical treatment. It's mentioned that how big this group is remains unclear but that it will undoubtedly be the focus of inquiry over the coming months.