No end to police brutality at London anti-Coronavirus Act rally on Saturday 26th September 2020

This Saturday, in a follow-up to two previous protests, the public came together once again to say no to Government tyranny:

In this coming week, on Wednesday 30th September, Parliament will be voting on renewal of the Coronavirus Act for a further 6 months. This Act has thus far given this Government almost unlimited powers that have clearly been abused. The message from those in attendance was a clear no to any extension. This is all happening against an apparent backlash from other MPs in Parliament who say they may oppose the Government. At a time when trust in democracy is at its lowest, few can believe that any politician (whether the ruling party or the opposition) will do anything for the people, given that all have failed to defend civil rights.

Between 50-100,000 are believed to have attended London Trafalgar and Hyde Park. As before, this was a non-partisan event with people of every persuasion and from all walks of life coming together to show their support.

Independent journalist Anna Brees interviewed a variety of people who came along, the organisers of the event and specifically Germany's Dr. Heiko Schöning of the Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (ACU). ACU are running a global investigation into Covid-19 in the face of Government failures and what appears to be a mass cover-up of too many inconsistencies that are pointing towards a concerted attempt at deceiving the public using mainstream media and questionable statistics:

In the day's events, there was calm and much merriment amongst the crowds who were complying with Westminster's Council's risk assessment as much as can be expected during a protest. Previously this was a bone of contention as police in riot gear decided to storm London Trafalgar in order to make arrests. Despite efforts to comply, history has a habit of repeating itself, and almost immediately after David Icke had finished speaking the venue was once again overtaken by police officers and a contingent of overzealous TSG (Territorial Support Group) who had no time to 'Engage, Explain, Encourage, Enforce' in the way that is appropriate for a peaceful rally of this kind. This approach is explained here by the College of Policing:

What ensued was a vicious attack on unarmed, peaceful protestors that included families with babies and children, the disabled and many old and vulnerable people:

Of note was the attack on the older lady from above who was violently punched and thrown aside like a rag doll.

The following video is disturbing to say the least but we understand this victim is going to make a claim against the individual in his personal capacity for brutally assaulting her:

Louise of Save Our Rights UK explains the preparations that were done in advance and how the police behaved on the day. She is spear-heading FOI (Freedom Of Information) requests for every 'Use of Force Report' from each officer on the the day in order for people to come forward, write a statement and provide footage to cross-reference with all of the Metropolitan Police's reports for lies and misrepresentations that can be used against those who used inappropriate force:

All of this is in contrast to the way that Sadiq Khan and Chief of Police Cressida Dick prostrated themselves for BLM (Black Lives Matter) protestors earlier this year. The difference is stark when we consider that police officers were kneeling before the public and yet when it comes to defending civil rights for our very own UK citizens, their is another political stance that calls for extreme violence from those that we have put into power to uphold human rights and keep the peace:

In spite of the violence, people marched towards Hyde Park with much exuberance. Many went in different directions to arrive there on separate routes and it is clear the police were not able to deal with so many people. Horses were out and blocking particular roads around Piccadilly Square.

To many it appeared that orders had been given from above to make examples of those who dared to come to the rally and by the time people had gathered in their numbers at Hyde Park, it could be seen that police were already sending in more TSG officers and throwing tear gas. Reports from those observing this were that the police were doing this indiscriminately, ignoring the many vulnerable people that happened to be there.

As part of this further assault on the public and the speakeres, Dr Heiko Schöning was grabbed and taken away as shown in the video below:

After around 30 hours of being detained at Charing Cross police station and having his laptop, mobile phone and other effects taken, Dr Heiko made this dignified statement about the actions of those involved in the attack. He explains the 'Great Reset' of the financial system that Covid is masking. His words were nothing short of inspiring as he asked everybody to wake up and for mankind to stand together. It is clear this man is fearless, stopping at nothing to bring the truth to the public:

The next event in London will be end of October and having achieved a third very successful event, if not marred by police brutality and violence, it is clear there are growing numbers of people who are not accepting a contrived mainstream media and Government narrative. It is bringing great optimism that more of the majority are waking up to what might be the heist of the century. When those in control lose the battle to manipulate our thinking, they resort to violence. As Dr Heiko Schöning says, it is clear "they are afraid", and this would explain why he may have been targeted specifically.

The work of Germany's ACU can be found here: and the start of The COVID 19 Extra Parliamentary Inquiry Committee's Start Conference from 3rd July 2020 can be seen here with Dr Heiko Schöning leading this:

We are aware at this time that there is another large scale event coming to Berlin where many millions are due to rally once again. Berlin is no stranger to tyranny and is the leading light on the path to restoring god-given freedoms. People will be traveling in from all over the world.

As always, Freedom Media Platform, will keep you updated as soon as we know more about what is happening...