Not a single police officer has died from Coronavirus...

Throughout the entire Lockdown period, and up to date, not a single frontline police officer in the Met Police has died from Coronavirus.

Despite massive exposure to the public and each other, largely without masks or other PPE, a Freedom of Information Request confirms that the risks and harms we are told about do not appear to apply to the police:

This adds to the fact that during the BLM protests the police officers involved did not produce any significant outbreaks that could be attributed to large scale exposure between the police and the public.

We do know that Covid-19 was removed from the High Consequence Infectious Diseases (HCID) list on the 19th March exactly when Lockdown began. This downgrading was highly suspicious. Currently, the HCID list has diseases such as Ebola (fatality rate of 50%), SARS (mortality rate of 11%), MERS (fatality rate of 34.4%), and Nipah virus infection (mortality rate of 40 to 75%).

The question we now have to ask is how dangerous is this virus really...? As a reminder, cases do not equate to deaths and yet this is how the Government is deciding what cities and places to put on local Lockdown. Here is a recap of what Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer, had to say in May:

We finalise by reminding everybody that the stats we have been presented with have not been adding up. You can read our article about this here: