Parliament is a farce. The 'opposition' aids and abets the fascist dictatorship we are now under...

This BBC article reads that Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer calls for a short lockdown or "circuit-breaker" in England of two to three weeks to bring the rising rate of coronavirus under control

Despite the horror scenario that the BBC is painting, as the Government's propaganda machine, 82 deaths per day is nothing compared to all other deaths per day. This number is insignificant in a population of 68 million in the UK. We already know the failings of Neil Ferguson's computer models and we can be certain that all new models will be equally unrealistic.

What we now have is the beginning of the end, as Labour moves in to support these measures that have no legitimacy whatsoever... there is no opposition party to be seen. No left, no centre, no right. Be under no illusion that what we have is a fascist Parliament that are colluding together as a cross-party alliance to further the goals of the corporations it is serving. They no longer bother to vote on the important topics that affect us, they ignore the real arguments, and return to us ridiculous, templated answers to our constituent letters... it's a farce.

Everything we are being told, for our safety, health and welfare, is nothing more than empty rhetoric. Words that lack any nutritional value are being used to finally destroy small and medium sized businesses in a bid for a 'Great Reset' where entrepreneurship is no longer welcome.

We have heard these kinds of lies earlier in the year that there would be a short Lockdown only to help the NHS that instead turned into several months, where many were bribed to stay at home and participate in the humiliation of destroying the very industries they worked in whilst watching Netflix.

Now is the time that local authorities are going to be doing more of the dirty work of this Government who represent none of us. Fascism is coming to our front door and this total trash terminology they are using, what they call a "circuit breaker" is just more NLP jargon to lead us all back into house arrest. The difference will be that this time it will not end and they will have succeeded in imposing complete dominance over us and our lives...

As we begin to fall off the edge of a Brexit cliff, this is a cunning way to keep us all at bay at a time when food shortages and an economic avalanche are expected by those who understand the consequences of what Parliament are doing. Keeping us locked at home will stem the inevitable dissent when it becomes clearer to everybody that we have been completely sold down the river in every single way...

Information is power.

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