Police brutality met with peaceful protestors in London on Saturday 19th September 2020

Reeling from the success of the last protest on Saturday 29th August 2020, the public were back to fight for their civil rights:

London Trafalgar had around 15-20,000 people in the end and was MC'd by Kate Shemirani, the 'Natural nurse in a toxic world'. This was a non-partisan event with people of every persuasion and from all walks of life coming together again to show their support with a focus on doctors, nurses and whistleblowers speaking out.

This protest happened at a time when there is now clearly a 'Casedemic' happening with deaths themselves barely significant and at their lowest. Despite the facts we are still being asked to do things that no longer seem consistent with a dubious and changing Government and mainstream media narrative, often backed up by questionable models, statistics and with science cherry-picked by politicians and experts that have obvious financial and corporate conflicts of interest.

A very good summary of where we are at with the data and statistics can be found here:

You can also read our coverage of the previous freedom events from the end of August in London and Berlin:


In the previous weeks, leading up this weekend's event, Kate Shemirani had been arrested and de-arrested in London at the same time that Piers Corbyn had also been taken away in Sheffield on 5th September. It seems the police had been targeting both and attempting to accuse them of being organisers.

The Sheffield event was marred by police violence that resulted in a man, Rob Haigh of Leeds, being thrown aside and then suffering a heart attack. This was covered by UK Column News days after:

What initially started as a buoyant and happy event around 11:30am in Trafalagar, with music and entertainment, quickly became a struggle to hold the space. Provocations from the police can be seen here:

Officers had begun to infiltrate the crowd and to harass the podium. Their excuse was that the event had not carried out a health and safety risk assessment, something that typically applies to workplaces rather than protests. Police constables were recorded trying to persuade the crowds to disperse with warnings of £100 penalty fines and arrests.

This is what Kate had to say about the events that had unfolded whilst she was speaking to the crowds:

The event showed that increasingly the police are being given orders from above that are disproportionate to the peaceful protesting they are being presented with. People from all walks of life were present and at no point did anybody express a desire to riot. Despite this there were many throngs of police officers in riot gear continually provoking the public for a reaction.

In their honour, and to their credit the speakers, and security helping the event were at pains to ensure the police had no excuse to arrest anybody but the crowds had no option but to push the police away. They were held off until at least 4pm when they finally stormed and attacked the public with horses and by that time the crowds had thinned out somewhat.

This is what independent, and well-respected, journalist Anna Brees had to say about the outcomes from the day and the predictably derogatory and biased media responses:

Despite police brutality and a violent ending, this was another successful day of fighting for visibility with people congregating to discuss the contradictions of the Government and mainstream media. The vast majority of people fear mass surveillance, forced testing and vaccinations as well as the imposition of carrying an immunity passport to live their lives. We wrote about this previously:



Following a Government consultation (deadline 18th September 2020), it is now quite clear that we will be subjected to unlicensed experimental vaccines as outlined in the following analysis:

The end result of forced or mandatory action would be devastating and an over-reach of any Government, particularly as there is nobody taking responsibility for vaccine injuries. We wrote about our grave concerns around this issue in a previous article:


As this Indian summer nears its end, the final protest next weekend on the 26th September 2020 will be something for history. Every single person who has been fighting for the civil rights of their friends, their loved ones and themselves during this time, are aware we are in a battle to wake as many people up as possible to the truth of what's happening. Everything we knew as a way of life is at risk if the public doesn't wake up to the dangerous reality that we are but moments away from an endless tyranny that will never stop unless the people rise up and say 'No' to this kind of fascism once and for all. This is a Government that has us all under occupation and we need to realise this collectively as soon as possible...