Police chasing peaceful protestors unlawfully, paid for by the tax payer...

This Saturday 28th November, during another Lockdown of the country, tax payer pounds were wasted on unlawful terrorising and arresting of people peacefully protesting in London.

Some of the worst behaviour was seen yet again from the Met Police who turned up to Kings Cross at around 10am Saturday morning with over 50 TSG vans to intercept protestors who had originally planned to be at Battersea Park before changing the venue the night before.

People had spread out to places like Angel tube station, to be met by more police, whilst others had made their way to Speaker's Corner at Hyde Park near Marble Arch tube station. After a false start many of those assembling were able to make it towards Oxford Circus before being ambushed again. Some went through Soho whilst others made it through Regent Street to Piccadilly. Before some detours around Trafalgar Square and St James, many protestors returned back to Hyde Park where they were able to continue rallying in large numbers until the early evening.

It was confirmed by Big Brother Watch and Liberty that the Met Police had wrongly claimed that protesting is not a permitted exemption under Coronavirus regulations. The full letter they penned to Gold Commander Steve Bell can be seen here:


It seems incredible what the Met Police is now getting away with and the extent to which Government is trying to quash dissent using the police force. Stasi is not a bad description where we are now at that level of police state it seems.

Louise and Vince from Save Our Rights give an account of how things went and, despite all attempts, protestors were able to successfully spread throughout the West End in ways the Met were unable to fully thwart or control.

Despite the tyranny experienced, there were comedic moments where those in attendance certainly had the police confused and catching their breath. Many officers were weighed down by heavy armour and weapons that didn't keep up with the agility seen from some members of the public.

Here we see a gentleman who was able to run away from an unlawful arrest:

We also saw Father Christmas being arrested:

Following on from the end of this second Lockdown, Government decided to allow protesting as part of their new Tier System that continue to keep cities in Lockdown like conditions.

In the final month of December there are many more protests expected across the country. Whilst the threat of police and government tyranny is a clear and present danger, the number of people waking up is growing with more and more people speaking out against the imposition levied on everybody's lives.

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