Protesting may no longer be a Human Right... are we in a race to the bottom?

Some may or may not know about The Rockerfeller Institute's document on Future Scenarios from 2010 where they specifically mentioned a 'Top-down' form of authoritarian control called 'Lockstep' where an uprising of the people will need to be quashed. Rockerfeller Institute is a prominent think tank that is highly influential in advising the US Government:

If people still don't know it, the UK Government's shadowy SAGE group has a subgroup called SPI-B (Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours) which has been using Applied Behavioural Psychology to manipulate the public into doing what it wants them to do:

On the 4th May 2020 they produced the following document about protesting:

The document shows that, before the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and George Floyd protests, they had already been discussing Extinction Rebellion, BLM and others as well as why and how they might curtail peoples' ability to protest on a large scale. The document makes it clear that Government knows they are contravening Articles 10 and 11 of the Human Rights Act 1998 (respectively, ‘Freedom of Expression’ and ‘Freedom of Assembly and Association’). They say this is proportional but in the real context of less than 1% of people actually going on to die post-infection this does not appear to be proportionate at all. Mainstream media and Government have been sensationalising 'Daily cases' as a horrific number when in fact the vast majority of these 'cases' do not go on to develop into anything at all:

Worryingly the Government seems to think that protesting from your doorstop or online is good enough to have your say. What this means is that as Covid-19 becomes normalised by all governments as a constant and ongoing threat in the psyche of the public, they are able to continue with Emergency Powers indefinitely and at the same time keep the measures they have put in place perpetually. This is not dissimilar to sweeping changes after 911 where the US is still in a state of emergency as a result.

The effect of the lockdown regulations has been that as of 1st June 2020 a gathering of 7 or more people outdoors is now unlawful. It does not seem to matter that the purpose of that gathering is the exercise of a lawful right or that people might mask up and socially distance. Incidentally, neither use of a mask or social distancing are enforceable by the police.

The Conservatives have said in recent manifestos that they will be making changes to our Human Rights post-Brexit:

We can see that with a majority in Parliament they can now push through anything with little opposition, including permanent changes to our ability to protest. They have the power to redefine anything we say as hate crime and could treat any potential protests against Lockdown, Track and Trace and a potential Immunity Passport as acts of terrorism. Let's not forget that Priti Patel wants to introduce the death sentence. Initially seen as fantasy, things in the world of civil rights seem to have taken a deadly turn since the Pandemic was started.

The key point to all of this is that SPI-B has done much strategising in order to introduce and maintain the inability of people to protest what the Government is doing. The consequences are that this is all leading to a fascist dictatorship in a fight for its own survival. So many inequalities are being committed by SAGE and the Government at large under the scapegoat of Covid-19 where a huge hurdle now clearly stands between us and democracy. Whether or not this is insurmountable is a question for the public and will depend on their understanding of Top-Down control. It's evident we are already in the Lockstep scenario foretold by the Rockerfeller Institute a decade ago.