Saturday 29th August 2020 was a day of freedom in Berlin and London

It's been more than six months since the beginning of the Pandemic and the introduction of the Coronavirus Act in the UK. In this time we have had numerous civil rights curtailed and been asked to do things that no longer seem consistent with a changing Government and mainstream media narrative, often backed up by questionable models, statistics and science cherry-picked by politicians and experts with corporate conflicts of interest.

Saturday 29th August 2020 marked a 'Day of Freedom' in both Berlin and London with people from everywhere coming together to protest peacefully and exercise free speech, as a reminder to the world that we are all free, we have rights and that we do not consent to tyranny.

There was much pressure for London to perform, Berlin having already achieved at least a million on the 1st August 2020. This time around Berlin achieved perhaps less than a million but it had no less passion as exhibited by a mixture of people from all backgrounds fighting for their basic freedoms. With summer almost over, many were aware that this could be the last stand before the imposition of another Lockdown and further power grabs:

The London event in Trafalgar had around 30,000 people in the end and was hosted by 'Unite for Freedom'. The following were scheduled for the day, representing the key people in this movement for claiming back our rights:

Predictably the event had little positive coverage in the mainstream media with yet more downplaying of the actual numbers and the same tired attempt at describing anybody coming along as far-right, 'anti-vaxx' or 'conspiracy'.

The mainstream is no longer capable of reporting the truth with many in the crowds expressing this as a clear issue throughout this period of crisis. Overwhelmingly, people are battling to help friends, family and co-workers understand that the very mainstream media that is accusing people of disinformation and misinformation is in fact the perpetrator of the vices they profess to stand against.

Even though this was a non-partisan event, this did not stop name-calling from the mainstream media in the days that have followed since the protests, despite people of every persuasion and from all walks of life coming along to show their support.

To the many who came it is obvious that the UK has stopped being a democracy and that instead we are living under a dictatorship, facilitated by an unfair 'first past the post' system, where politicians are inevitably whipped to follow the party line contrary to what their constituents may want, and where any letters to these representatives are usually returned with boiler plate replies that rarely answer the questions that need to be answered. Both the Government and opposition parties have failed to address protecting peoples' fundamental human rights.

Saturday was a chance for many people across many cities to get together in London, particularly those who had been forced to use social media, online tools and other ways of connecting digitally. It is no secret that Facebook, YouTube and other online platforms have been censoring anything that does not support the Government's propaganda.

What social media and mainstream media hasn't wished to publicise is the fact that many groups have formed organically to stand together against oppression with strong friendships and unbreakable bonds born out of this shared cause. The solidarity between so many diverse groups of people was spectacular evidence of unity against the odds.

Throughout the day police helicopters tried to disrupt the gathering overhead and in an act of desperation a monitor was seized, to prevent people speaking from the US, before the crowd could put a human shield around it. The police had also tried to seize the sound equipment van earlier on around 11am, however members of the public blocked this attempt so that the van got through safely.

In a further dramatic moment, when audio only was being used, it appears that the police cut the power just at the moment when Senator Scott Jensen was about to speak. This also prevented Andrew Kaufman from joining.

Kate Shemirani, the 'Natural Nurse in a toxic world', deserves praise for holding the day together along with Piers Corbyn, who was opportunistically arrested at the end when crowds had dispersed. He was held for around 10 hours before they let him go in the early hours of Sunday morning. Piers has vowed to fight the penalty of £10,000 issued to him. A 'Gofundme' campaign that was set up to help him appears to have been intercepted in what seems like foul play from Gofundme colluding to prevent any funds being raised. Many who had donated were being issued with refunds today.

On a more positive note, rousing speeches were given by Irishwoman Professor Dolores Cahill and Swedish Doctor Mikael Norway as well as Dr Kevin Corbet and, whatever anybody has to say about him, the brief presence of David Icke, was an incredible rally to the people who came. His message was simple, that we do not consent and that we shall not acquiesce to the demands of a corrupt and fascist Government:

Throughout this Pandemic David has stood fast that this crisis is not the horror scenario the mainstream media had made out and that we have had our rights snatched from us for something that has not even been isolated in a lab save for pieces of RNA which we are told belong to SARS-Cov-2. This is not a conspiracy theory - we have yet to have a reliable test that can detect the virus itself.

Dr Vernon Coleman, the 'old man in a chair', was unfortunately unable to join, however did have this to say in support of the London rally:

The rally continued peacefully down Parliament Square towards 10 Downing Street where people chatted and aired their views until the evening with much singing, dancing, hugging and reminiscing of being with others, devoid of the hysterical fear we have been encouraged to display with others:

Unite for Freedom are planning for their next protest on the 26th September 2020. They say, whether or not there is another Lockdown, they will be there in bigger numbers with a stronger desire to fight tyranny. Freedom Media Platform will be there to report.

We keep the children returning back to school in our prayers as we learn of the latest news that children may be tested without their parents' consent if suspected of having Covid. These are worrying times we live in where the greatest threat is not a virus where over 99% of people recover, but instead a wild and unpredictable Government that has a global Great Reset agenda to deliver in the forefront of its mind...