Second Lockdown...? This is what members of the public think of plans to destroy livelihoods...

Following approval for another Lockdown by the UK Government, members of the public took to the streets on the evening of Thursday 5th November 2020 as part of the 'Million Mask March'.

In the following video Neil McCoy-Ward analyses police behaviour and points out the lack of fair reporting from the mainstream media. In particular the BBC is caught red-handed, yet again, trying to play down the thousands who turned up and focusing only on those arrested:

A full breakdown, filmed by Ruptley, can be watched here:

Public rebellion is increasing all over the world with Governments encountering increased citizen pushback towards fascist authoritarian rules that are disproportionate to the actual risks of infection leading to hospitalisation and death.

Whilst the Government pretends everything is going well in Liverpool and that people are happy to be tested every day as part of a pilot, nothing other than a money-making scheme for Big pharma as part of Operation Moonshot, Liverpudlians are taking to the street to get attention for their plight. People are not going along with the charade and few are enjoying a fascist imposition being levied upon their lives in order to keep them 'safe':

Yesterday on Saturday 7th November many tens of thousands of Germans protested in Leipzig and with every passing week more Germans are coming out in ever increasing numbers to say "Nein!". Despite such huge numbers there is a complete UK mainstream media blackout going on where we see that the BBC, Sky, ITV and other channels are choosing not to cover this as news:

Perhaps not as big as Liverpool or Leipzig, but Manchester in the North is gaining in their numbers with a showing this Sunday 8th November that is worth mentioning:

The case is growing stronger that Government and Mainstream Media are purposely misleading the public and now trying to distract from the fallout that is inevitably happening. We question the motives of the UK Government and all governments, suggesting we are now in a final push to completely destroy livelihoods and the current economy in order to jumpstart the 'Great Reset' which is well explained in the video that follows: