Test and Trace is a mass surveillance programme... Welcome to the Datastore.

Why is Covid-19 a 'manufactured crisis'... why is it that some people think that?

...A picture in the minds eye can only start forming as quickly as the information to build the picture presents itself and for those who know, that picture is crystal clear. We've done the research and it's almost too obvious to see where we are going.

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The Datastore
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In this post you will be able to see what we see. It is the Datastore that the UK Government is building on us with the help of Faculty (the Data Science company involved in the Cambridge Analytica scandal to influence the Vote Leave Brexit Campaign using social media) together with the US-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) outfit called Palantir that will soon be running AI operations everywhere and globally. Google and Microsoft are also involved amongst others.

As a preface it's worth hearing Boris Johnson speak incoherently about the Government's future intentions at the United Nations, just before the start of the Pandemic at the end of September 2019. It's very telling how technology in our lives was already being discussed, like a done deal, and at the same moment frightening to know that the most unethical Government we have ever known will be directing us towards this:

Early on in the Pandemic the Government gave itself permission to start privatising more of the NHS and sending 111 and Covid-19 testing data to Palantir with little Parliamentary consultation on the data implications. All calls were routed to 111, where nobody was able to see a GP, and Government told us they needed to build a real-time digital dashboard to help them manage information:




It is vital to understand exactly who Palantir is. Founded by Peter Thiel, A German-American billionaire closely connected to the Trump administration, this is the US-based company that collected vast amounts of data across US government agencies to build profiles of citizens, used to hunt down undocumented immigrants:


The Datastore the UK is building with Palantir’s assistance will no doubt be openly shared with the US once we enter a no deal Brexit Trade deal. It is all too convenient that the crisis halted trade deal discussions with Europe.

Concerns started to be raised around the involvement of Faculty which, as mentioned, is the same company used by Dominic Cummings during his dishonest Vote Leave campaign when the services of Cambridge Analytica were used to influence people via social media:


Government has, from the beginning, been shrouding everything they are doing with secrecy and only on the threat of being sued by openDemocracy and Foxglove did it show it’s hand on the massive data-sharing contracts it has brokered with Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Faculty and Palantir:


What's of most interest in all of this is that the UK's Test and Trace programme sits within the newly set up 'Joint Biosecurity Centre' which is sitting under the Intelligence Services and not the Health Services:


Under the guise of Covid-19 the Government is in fact giving our Intelligence Services the permission to build a profile on every man, woman and child that takes in data from the NHS and Test and Trace programme to combine with mass surveillance systems that include the use of facial recognition. 5G will allow them to have real time street level surveillance everywhere. This is a system of digital slavery that we are being signed up to under the direction of Dominic Cummings and the secretive SAGE group but goes much higher - all funded by taxpayer money. Seismic changes have been happening since May 2020 within the Intelligence Services itself.

The Guardian reported earlier in June on some of the mass surveillance abuses committed in other countries and how it may predictably become a permanent fixture of day to day life:


It is worth pointing out that the UK Government has failed in its initial attempts to openly gather demographic and GPS data with its NHS tracing app, but there is no doubt they shall find a way around this such as collaborating with Google and Apple to purchase this data directly whilst actively denying it. In a similar fashion we have no idea how they will use our DNA data from the tests they collect but it's highly likely that DNA profiling will be a cornerstone of the Datastore.

In previous posts we discussed that an Immunity Passport is fast approaching and something that everybody needs to be aware of:


We also pointed out the weaknesses of such schemes and why Immunity Passports should not be implemented:


The Immunity Passport will be the crown (or corona) of the Government's achievement in mass surveillance as it will be the way in which we will be granted/denied access to the outside world, public services, etc, restricted in our movements, regulated by law enforcement and monitored in all of our activities. This will all be managed cheaply by Artificial Intelligence which requires little physical manpower, and is fully enabled by incredibly fast 5G. None of this is different to what China has already implemented in it's own dystopian society:


In so many ways there is no difference between what's being introduced here compared to being in a plantation being exploited by a plantation owner. That is a theme that is very topical right now bearing in mind we are in the 400th year since enslaved Africans were first brought to the British colonies against their will. By doing nothing to challenge what's happening we will essentially consent to a new form of medical apartheid and give up our essential freedoms. Those who do not take take a test or eventually refuse a vaccination will face discrimination. On the topic of discrimination it is extremely worrying that Palantir has been caught processing data from cameras placed in predominantly ethnic neighbourhoods in Los Angeles as part of the LAPD's 'Predictive Policing' programme:


This is the shape of things to come as Opendemocracy uncovered the fact that the Cabinet Office and Met Police have already used the services of Palantir:


AI is incredibly good at predicting what you will do next based on your past behaviours but we have no idea of what biases are being programmed into the algorithms and how we may be judged before a crime is even committed. There are worrying implications of how street level surveillance will allow the UK Government to police local lockdowns and curfews. We already know that many people were falsely arrested and fined during the bigger UK Lockdown and it appears we are being conditioned to accept ongoing Lockdowns as a permanent way of life.

This Government will not relinquish emergency powers now they have them and it seems clear this is the reason why 'Cases' are being perpetuated even though deaths are decreasing. Clearly we are developing natural herd immunity with the virus now being more widespread than at first thought. It's worth highlighting that very few cases will develop into deaths and that the ones who are most vulnerable are the ones that need to be protected, yet we seem to be punishing the many in order to save those few:


Met Police has been proliferating its use of facial recognition and previously we highlighted a petition from Big Brother Watch who are campaigning to stop facial recognition surveillance:


Big Brother Watch also took Palantir to task on its intentions along with Privacy International:



Further down the line it is not difficult to see how a Social Credit System will be attached to the Datastore by stealth in order to micro-manage individual behaviour. China brought this in very quickly in 2014 within a few years of trialling it.

We should expect that all of our data will be sold to corporations for not only predictive purposes but also marketing purposes. Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff explains how all Governments and Corporations collude together to do this already:

In the wake of Covid-19 we should have our eyes on cashless society and how the Datastore will fit into this, where we are being told that cash is now 'dirty' and needs to be avoided. Without physical cash we will lose the ability to trade freely and should already have realised that small and medium sized companies are being obliterated right now. Corporations are already quickly occupying the vacuum that this will create, providing no option other than to pay digitally instore and online with their monopoly. There will be no privacy left once all of our transactions are being monitored and our ability to purchase may well be further restricted by our social credit score and behaviour, penalised by such acts as not following Lockdown rules and curfews for example. We must therefore continue to fight for cash whenever we can and for as long as we can, ideally by supporting local and independent retailers.

So the golden question is what can we do to avoid this system of digital slavery happening.....? Well.... there is only one way. We must refuse to consent to any of this devious plan so that we don't participate. That means refusing to take a test, not downloading any tracking apps and fighting against the introduction of an Immunity Passport as well as scanners and cameras in our neighbourhoods, workplaces, public spaces, shops etc. Government will certainly not make this easy for any of us as it would entirely thwart their plans.

The first step is to become aware of the real game and by reading this article you’ve done that. Hopefully you now know something you didn't before around the bigger picture. Vigilance is really key as changes in legislation are being put through at an alarming rate whilst people are pre-occupied with fear and disinformation created by the mainstream media.

As a next step you can take immediate action today by supporting Zed Phoenix with his Crowd Justice case taking the Government to court in order to start a Judicial Review to stop any plans for Health Passports (another term for Immunity Passports) to proceed:


Zed's case follows in the footsteps of others such as Simon Dolan who also raised a huge amount with support from the Public. It is a great shame that this Government has to be taken to court to be held to account for its actions:



If you're interested in more reading you can go through our article describing the 3 phases of Fascism and the 10 steps towards that. Many of those have already happened and presently we are in a stage of Totalitarianism:


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