The liability game... when nobody wants to take responsibility.

As part of the Coronavirus Act, we already know that the NHS (including its doctors and nurses) are indemnified against any clinically negligent action they may take on the public. There are suggestions of workers doing roles they are not normally qualified to do, for example:

As expected, we are now learning that pharmaceutical companies will likely be exempt from liability if they cause any kind of vaccine injury:

Although the Government has not yet confirmed whether they will cover vaccine injuries for Covid, we suspect they will not. Here is the current eligibility list:

As you can see they are paying out a mere £120,000 and put the burden of proof on the victim to establish they were directly affected by what was injected into them. This could be expensive and difficult to do where DNA is concerned.

So where does this leave the public with an experimental vaccine on the horizon that looks like it is being rushed through at record speed....? It would seem, and we could be wrong, that there is little to no recourse in the event that something should go wrong for you.

There are huge risks that are not being discussed openly and receiving little to no debate in Parliament or in the Mainstream Media. It is worth remembering that Bill Gates himself has admitted that there may be as many as 700,000 potential cases of people having side effects globally and more recently that UK Government ministers lost their battle to stop payouts to children who developed narcolepsy after swine flu jabs.

It is up to us to ensure the ethics are there and that somebody is held accountable. Ultimately, given everything we know, it will in fact be ourselves who are accountable in saying "No" to an unreasonably high risk that may not be in our favour to take. This is as long as we are given a choice.

We must hope that this Government does not step outside of its position as public servant to dictate to us what we can and can't do with our bodies. The consequences of this would be unthinkable...