UK Column News - 11th July 2020: Public Health Officers given frightening powers

As part of Schedule 21 of the Coronavirus Act 2020, PHOs could be hired from the private sector and would be able to force somebody to submit to Covid-19 screening and assessment by taking them to an isolation facility, NHS facility or other facility. This is all possible if there is a suspicion of infection, no matter how unfounded.

A PHO would be able to direct, remove or request a police constable to remove an individual from their home to a screening and assessment facility without their consent and a child who does not have an adult with them could be screened and assessed by an official as well. People could be detained for a period of up to 14 days in this way.

This is a frightening development, especially as the Government recently changed legislation allowing them to place children into care without any oversight or detailed checks on the placement:

Children could be taken from a family's household if a PHO decides the parents are a 'risk' to them and reflects similar plans in the US that have been guided by the World Health Organisation. The following video from Spiro Skouras explains a statement made by Michael Ryan of the WHO on this topic:

UK Column's bulletin also discusses how Government is planning to stop A&E walk-ins at major hospitals in Northern Ireland by next month, thereby preventing even less people physically accessing a healthcare professional and compounding the issues of already limited GP medical services:

This may become a wide-scale policy in the UK where it appears the Government has plans to restructure the NHS with telemedicine and AI. Government plans for taking back control of the NHS were mentioned in The Guardian today: