UK Column News - 22nd July 2020: Government confusion and propaganda continues ceaselessly...

Today's UK Column News had an important bulletin that began by discussing the confusion around proving mask exemptions where many people in the UK have disabilities and want to be able to do this. Government has mandated face coverings from the 24th July 2020.

It needs to be noted that currently there is no requirement to carry an exemption card or doctor's note, however some members of the public are facing unnecessary problems on public transport, social disapproval conflict and police fines for non-compliance. The team discuss that GPs are being asked not to give people exemptions as a matter of policy.

An example was given of somebody unable to find information on, who was provided little reassurance by their MP about proofs, before then being pointed to Public Health England (PHE) to then be pointed back to Cabinet Office guidance. The guidance on exemptions includes severe distress:

"...If putting on, wearing or removing a face covering will cause you severe distress..."

Previously it was revealed that the Government's SAGE SPI-B team are aggressively attacking the public mind with applied behavioural psychology:

It is clear the UK Government and the Behavioural Insights Team (BiT) are working with SAGE to turn community members against each other in order that a community follows Government Covid advice.

So far Government has failed to undertake any Medical Risk Assessment on the dangers of wearing masks and is, in summary, employing the following 'Soviet style' tactics to fulfil its objectives:

Tactic 1: Deny public informed consent regarding masks and to deflect challenges

Tactic 2: Deny public mask exemption cards and Doctor's Notes (NHS briefed to actively discourage GPs from assisting exemptions)

Tactic 3: Bullying public sector services and commercial outlets to adhere to flawed mask-wearing advice

Tactic 4: Wearing of masks becomes self-fulfilling false public 'evidence' of sustained Covid-19 Pandemic, supporting the Government Covid policy

Tactic 5: Wearing of masks in shops (but not by staff and not elsewhere) increases public confusion, fear and stress to make people more vulnerable to ideas of a Covid second wave

Tactic 6: Push public confusion, fear and stress to make people accept the Government forced-vaccine agenda

Also discussed in this bulletin is a report from the 'Academy of Medical Sciences' entitled 'Preparing for a challenging winter 2020/21':

The report seems to predict the following:

  1. A large resurgence of Covid-19 nationally with local or regional epidemics

  2. Disruption of the health and social care systems

  3. A backlog of non-Covid-19 care

  4. A possible influenza epidemic that will be additive to the other challenges

They suggest the following mitigations that may involve coming directly into peoples' homes to check for sanitisation:

  1. Minimising community SARS-COV-2 transmission and impact

  2. Organising health and social care settings to maximise infection control and ensure that Covid-19 and routine care can take place in parallel

  3. Improving public health surveillance for Covid-19 influenza and other winter diseases

  4. Minimise influenza transmission and impact

The Dutch Government is already currently looking for a legal basis for measures to enter private homes to search and Germany's Güttersloh, in Westphalia, has recently had soldiers forcing people to be tested at the doorstep. In Ireland it is being suggested that the Gardaí, as the police, should be able to call at the homes of people who refuse to take tests:

This links to previous coverage around Public Health Officer's (PHOs) in England being given frightening new powers to visit homes, as well as to take children away from families:

The report wasn't conducted with the public as a whole, where instead of talking to people directly there are a variety of organisations who say they have consulted people thereby obscuring which members of the public have or have not been spoken to.

The report professes to be independent but is part-funded by a grant from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). It also has oversight from a fellowship that includes members of SAGE such as Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance that could be regarded as a conflict of interest.

The Academy of Medical Services describes itself as an 'Expert Advisory Group', chaired by Professor Stephen Holgate, who specialises in Asthma. There does seem, however, to be a strong conflict of interest between this report and the very important fact that Stephen is founder and non-executive director of Synairgen, a drug that is being trialled by the NHS as 'buying time' for patients' lungs. his company relies on the continuation of Covid-19 conditions in order to have a testing ground for it's drug.

Finally, what's also covered in this bulletin of UK Column News is a critique of what's happening around the Russia Report with the team pointing out how the UK Government appears to be accusing Russia, and now China, of disinformation as a smokescreen to distract from it's own disinformation and misinformation campaigns on the British public. There is also the objective of ensuring everybody is confused by so many things happening at the same time so that we the public are more malleable to accepting any truth we are being asked to believe by Government.