UK Column News - 22nd June 2020: Lord Sumption re-iterates damning verdict on actions of Government

Today's UK Column News covered the topic of social distancing, that has questionable science behind it, and the impracticalities of applying these rules to drinking in pubs. This was covered previously:

There is a focus on saliva testing from Matt Hancock as a new way of testing and Lord Sumption giving a damning verdict on this Government, saying:

"...You have to go back to the early 1930s to find a British Cabinet devoid of talent as this one..."

Also covered is how Nicola Sturgeon has become a tyrant on the people of Scotland and uncovers the conflicts of interests with her links to others that are influencing her policies, including... you've guessed it - The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. That's who may be determining her totalitarian stance that is at odds with England's lesser but no better totalitarian position.

The team takes another smirk at the non-sensical rules on who can and can't conduct business with the help of 'Coroni', a cartoon character that pokes fun at the inconsistencies of coronavirus in the context of crony capitalism. UK Column News provides from this a very good breakdown of all the categories of people in society under the current climate:

  • Covid Fearful: Frightened for themselves and family

  • Covid Confused: Some fear for themselves and family so playing it safe

  • Covid Sceptical: Generally applying own reasoning and common sense

  • Covid Unconvinced: Not fearful of Covid

  • *Covid Parody: Following gut feeling and common sense

  • *Covid Exposers: Following, analysing and exposing errors, inconsistencies and deceit

All of these, apart from those marked with an asterisk*, allow the fear of Covid-19 to thrive and to perpetuate the Government's policies.

Additionally there is coverage of official fact checkers and controlled opposition who speak out against anybody who questions the policies.

Finally there is a discussion about the politicisation of race and BLM, where Steven Lovegrove from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) accused his own agency of harbouring institutional racism. He has since had to backtrack on this as a result of people working at MOD refuting they are racist. Clearly he was not speaking for everybody and was instead participating in a Government-wide campaign to perpetuate the black vs white dynamic that has been distracting us all from the other news.

It goes without saying that taking down monuments of those in the slave trade does nothing to change the real inequities of today that include prejudice from the police, for example. Nobody is talking about AI and how it may be biased towards monitoring black neighbourhoods and areas (such as Brixton, for example) as is the case with Palantir in Los Angeles, in the US. Our Government is actively investing in this company for Predictive Policing: