UK Column News - 24th June 2020: New Medical Bill being introduced may give ministers too much power

In this Bulletin UK Column News covered social distancing and collecting personal information from customers with its effects on the Hospitality industry, the launching of a public inquiry into the UK's response to Covid-19 from the BMJ (British Medical Journal), the BBC caught promoting the New Zealand Lockdown and McDonalds as part of a manufactured article. Also covered were the fact that Israel is bombing Syria, which is going unreported during this Covid-19 crisis, as well as the US burning Syrian wheat fields which may cause famines.

The US has also recently launched its 'Defence Space Strategy Summary' for the militarisation of space and is integrating this into all other US military operations. The topic of the UK Intelligence services is brought up and specifically how there is no insight and transparency for the public.

The main topic in the Bulletin was that the UK Government are bringing in a new Bill (the 'Medicines and Medical Devices Bill') to allow hospitals to use patient tissue and DNA samples amongst other measures. Fundamentally, this law would enable government ministers to make regulations amending or supplementing the laws relating to human medicines and clinical trials in order to allow them to fast track their vaccine plans. The key question is whether this will help Government justify the fact that Astra Zeneca has already gone into production with a vaccine without approval for human use. We covered this previously: