UK Column News - 31st July 2020: Cooking the books...

In today's bulletin with Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen, the programme started by discussing the overnight snap lock down of Greater Manchester, parts of West Yorkshire and East Lancashire which also appear to have a high concentration of Muslims preparing to celebrate Eid. Leicester has also been recently shutdown.

Following on the team discusses death toll statistics by the CDC where it is clearly stated under the charts that:

"Provisional deaths counts are based on death certificate data received and coded by the National Center for Health Statistics as of the date of analysis and do not represent all deaths that occurred in that period"

What this means is that deaths are very much determined by how they are being classified and that the totals now include 'probable cases without tests' as reported by AP News:

The consequence of this is that the US tally of coronavirus deaths could soon jump because federal health officials will now count illnesses that are NOT confirmed by lab testing. It's also possible that the US data we have been looking at since April are not all lab tested.

The team reflect on Matt Hancock recently calling an urgent review into coronavirus death data in England following the scandal of Public Health England (PHE) measuring Covid-19 deaths with no cut-off point. The result being that a person could test and recover from the virus months ago and yet die from something else but still go down as having passed away from Covid-19 in the stats:

We wrote an article about the PHE numbers and other anomalies that you can read about here:

Patrick explains that this is clearly "cooking the books". Next he explains the pre-occupation with 'cases' and how the mainstream media is obsessed with this rather than actual fatality rate. US Doctor Dan Erickson also explains this in a recent press conference:

All of this is therefore misleading and tantamount to misinformation from the mainstream media. UK Column therefore concludes that:

"Millions of positive Coronavirus tests reported very likely include mostly asymptomatic or recovered persons, some false positives, and those with some prior form of coronavirus in their systems. Low number of hospitalisations and deaths means the virus appears to be much less deadly to the overall population than previously reported"

The team goes on to speak about countries now being blacklisted from entering the UK, Europe, etc on the basis of 'cases' alone, which are not equivalent to actual deaths. Further Chicago in the US has implemented a quarantine and is now requiring residents who travel to any of the 22 states currently deemed a Covid-19 risk to implement a mandatory two week quarantine upon their return or face hefty fines:

Further, any states which have an average of more than 15 new Covid-19 cases per 100,000 residents over a rolling seven-day period (termed the "Evolving List", posted every Thursday) go into effect on Fridays. Patrick asks how you can manage such rolling lockdowns and how by default the country would be compartmentalised which would support a City State agenda and prevent any recovery of the US economy by way of policy.

There is mention of SAGE's SPI-B behavioural sub-committee who have been using applied behavioural psychology, specifically using 'social disapproval' as a tool to coerce the public into following government policies. A key member of SPI-B is Professor Robert West who is quoted as saying that levels of concern need to be increased in the public to an "appropriate level" and says so without any concern or regard for how this and the fear it causes might affect peoples' mental health. At this point the team show us a UK viral marketing propaganda video that effectively reinforces the message that nobody can get back to normal unless we take a test and uses emotional triggers to remind us what we no longer have:

Other propaganda mentioned was that 70% of people wear face coverings in the UK, according to New Scientist when actually this is just a period from 17-20 July and actually people had said they had worn one in the last few weeks (and not all the time):

The team makes the point that people have had to wear a mask to go into shops now they are being mandated rather than wanting to of their own volition.

Other conversations in this bulletin were around more censorship from Google and other tech companies where Bill Gates, now the biggest funder of the World Health Organisation (WHO), is currently attempting to crack down on anybody putting out "disinformation" that doesn't agree with his agenda. This is compounded by the fact that YouTube is shutting down anybody who speaks against the WHO, but with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation we can see clear conflicts of interest where it is Bill Gates' agenda that is influencing the WHO. The team explains that, like a cartel, there is a corruption here where "dodgy products" (vaccines) are being given credibility and yet important facts are not being given to the consumers of those products.

The programme finalises by discussing changes in the Intelligence Services, the UK's space programme, modern slavery in the UK, and where we are in terms of the economy.