There are 4 stages of idealogical subversion. What happens when you subvert a society...?

It is not only America, but Britain and all other Western countries that have gone through a process of demoralisation spanning decades.

We only need to look at where we are now to know that we are so disengaged from everything, including from our legal system, our politicians and what our banking system is up to behind our backs. Mainstream media, entertainment and culture keep us entertained but also bamboozle us with ideologies that come from the top.

The majority of people are lost and confused because nobody seems to understand the reality that we are no longer free and no longer safe from our own governments and police. Where did it all go wrong...?

Former KGB spy Yuri Bezmenov explains the process of societal dismantling that has brought us to the dystopia of 2020 where our leaders are now governing us by diktat. Unfortunately we are already beyond Stage 4 where our rights are being stripped before our very eyes.

This is an old video so please look past this fact. What Yuri explains today is just as relevant as it was in the 80s. We have been subverted and we are at war with a political elite who are determined to take away everything we have. The sooner everybody understands this, the quicker we will escape from their clutches. But time is short and there is no doubt that this awakening from the public has to happen much faster. We are easily divided and conquered, pitted against each other. Despite this there is still a small window of opportunity for humanity to stand together against those who would choose to shackle us...