What is Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030) and how will it affect everything we do...?

Rosa Koire explains Agenda 21. This is a must see for everybody, especially those who have no clue where we are being lead to and why.

Contrary to what we are asked to believe, sustainability is nothing to do with helping humans and everything to do with putting more power into the hands of the richest that are influencing and controlling a strategy for the world that few of us understand.

Rosa was a land reclamation expert paid by the US government to negotiate valuation and pricing. Her testimony is shocking as much as fascinating and describes a plan to acquire all core resources around the world (land, water, energy, food, etc) to be managed centrally. There is no doubt that technology, AI and the ‘Great Reset’ strategy of the World Economic Forum will be a part of executing this plan as the goal is to destroy independent local farming and move everybody from rural areas into 5G enabled smart city grids where we can be monitored and controlled under mass surveillance systems such as Track and Trace. This is exactly what has happened in China and demonstrates how the US and China are in effect partners, sharing the same goals and vision, via the United Nations plan.

Despite an attempt from Rosa together with a legal team to take the state of California to court, which dragged on for years just to get a hearing, the State dodged this using a legal loophole. Specifically they dropped Agenda 21 and created a new project called Agenda 2030. As we stare the prospect of trading with the US in the face, we need to be really clear that our food supply is going to be tainted with GMO and that as the driving force behind the United Nations, the US will be controlling our food and thus our health.

Agenda 21 is a globalist plan for control of all resources and nobody will be immune from that on our current trajectory of doing nothing to challenge our own government that is helping to make this all happen.