Who is fact checking the fact checkers....?

We recently discussed the topic of what is the ultimate and absolute truth and how it's all a case of framing:


Truth in so many ways is relative and a written article is not necessarily just a binary true or not true when it contains multiple sources where some facts are verifiable and some that are not. The biased fact checkers used by social media, for example, are usually looking for something that is questionable or perhaps incorrect to label an entire article as 'disinformation' or 'misinformation'. There are major issues with this when the companies involved have political or corporate agendas driving their decisions.

Social media ramped up their censoring since the start of the Pandemic to stop the public from getting information about vaccinations and 5G by obfuscating any discussion with the help of their fact-checkers. We could say it's a new level of 'dumbing down' when the public is not allowed to look at or consider another viewpoint and discouraged from using their own critical thinking. The mainstream are now constructively educating us to ignore anything other than what they deem is true and correct which is tantamount to a thought-police. 1984 is very much relevant to the dystopian times we find ourselves in.

James Corbett covers the topic of misinformation/disinformation in his usual entertaining and informative way. He warns that the psychological manipulation of what we can and can't think about will only get worse as this next level of censorship continues to tap our consciousness: