Write to your MP and the BBC about lack of media coverage for Saturday 24th April Freedom Rally

Are you tired of the lies and propaganda coming from the BBC and it's so-called disinformation queen Marianna Spring?

Following Saturday's phenomenal turnout of hundreds of thousands of people, we were all made acutely aware of just how deceitful Marianna is in her one-sided reporting that completely discounted the many people who had come to protest lockdowns, destruction of businesses, losses to freedoms, vaccine injuries and the now impending threat of vaccine passports.

It has become obvious that the modus operandi for all mainstream media and it's shills is to underplay the number of people in attendance, to try and taint everybody with a conspiracy hat and then finally to capture the worst moments and quotes from actual fringe people to use as 'evidence' for the claims being made. This is not journalism, this is a mockery and a standard that only the BBC and its agents would lower themselves too.... There's a reason why this organisation is losing licensing revenue in record numbers.

The jig is up and Marianna needs to stop pretending to be a victim being pursued by nasty conspiracy theory bullies. It is quite clear who is telling stories.... amongst other tricks that you may find to your peril are that her Twitter account is vigorously monitored with helpers quick to delete and block any negative comments so that it appears to only contain positive feedback. The backlash has started, however, and it will not be long before Marianna is fully exposed for who she really is. Basic lies of the kinds she tells are easy to debunk...

If you're as tired of this fake journalism as much as we are then it's time to write to your MP and to BBC complaints.

For your MP: Find and message your local politician using www.writetothem.com

For BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/contact/complaints/make-a-complaint/#/Complaint

Template you can copy and paste follows here:

On Saturday 24 April 2021, hundreds of thousands of people from all races, religions, sexuality, age groups and backgrounds peacefully protested against COVID lockdowns and other associated reasons in Central London.

Despite the vast numbers, the peaceful nature of the gathering, and the concerns held by the families and crowds in attendance, the BBC failed to report events to the wider UK public. Further the BBC's specialist 'disinformation' reporter Marianna Spring openly lied about the numbers being in their thousands that would seem to mislead people and her followers on Twitter. Marianna actively posts stories that appear to have a one-sided view of why people protest Lockdowns. Her approach does not appear to be in line with respectable journalistic standards of fair and unbiased reporting.

The BBC has either 'failed' to report Saturday's event or has been deliberately censoring reports of the demonstration across BBC media channels. To date it appears there has still been NO significant report by the BBC regarding this massive peaceful demonstration.

Please kindly let me know your thoughts on this matter and why it is happening. I'd like to know how it's possible a national organisation that is paid some £5 billion in public funding is able to get away with misreporting or not reporting at all in the ways that have been explained.


Should you get an unsatisfactory response from the BBC (high likely), then your next steps are to complain to the UK Telecoms Regulator OFCOM. This is easily done from the link below and we highly recommend you do take this matter further: