Zed Phoenix challenges UK Government to a Judicial Review on immunity passports

This week, sadly, Zed Phoenix was removed from Facebook. It is not clear why his account was deleted but the timing and circumstances are suspicious as Zed is following in the footsteps of Simon Dolan by challenging the UK Government, specifically on the topic of health passports (also known as immunity passports):


We previously reported on what immunity passports are, giving Zed a spotlight. You can watch his YouTube video regarding health passports here:


Since the crisis started we are aware that Facebook and YouTube (owned by Google) have been prolific in their censoring of certain topics. Concerns have been raised that these corporations are taking drastic actions that are disproportionate and in support of their own political agendas.

Shortly after being deleted, this is what Zed had to say on Wednesday 15th July:

"Hi Everyone,

Firstly thank you for supporting this campaign by donating. We have raised an amazing amount in such a short time and that's all down to you. Bless you one and all.

However, the government appears to be fighting back, with the deletion this morning of my Facebook, Messenger and What's App accounts. This means I have lost the means of communicating with my friends and all those potential supporters with the removal of the links to this site. It will of course dramatically affect how much money we can raise and perhaps will jeopardise this case altogether which is their intention. I have also contacted the press with little interest but you never know. Perhaps, Simon Dolan will help!

This action by Facebook illustrates exactly what we are saying with our Judicial Review . If you say something that the government doesn't like they get their big tech partners to delete you.

This is how the health passport system works.

This is utterly outrageous and an affront to our democracy and the law. The government have clearly done this to affect us raising the necessary funds to take legal action against them, as having read our campaign action on this site, they now know we have a case. So we've frightened them and the system has begun protecting itself.

We have issues now with our solicitor after they have been contacted this week. Some people are saying that we can't win in a corrupt legal system, however the government are clearly worried otherwise why take down my Facebook page without notification?

With this case we've hit the nail on the head, nothing like this happened to Simon Dolan's case, in fact he was promoted by the main stream press. We've already begun to get evidence on the extent of the governments relationship with big tech firms such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and others.

In letters between Google and the government we have found out the Police are a "trusted flaggers" on Youtube and can instantly remove any video. Who said it was the job of the Police to censor British citizens?

All Members of Parliament can flag video's about themselves that they don't agree with and have them removed from other people's Youtube channels. This is Google, a foreign power directly tampering with our election process and stop alternative views and opinions from being voiced.

GCHQ are tapping the fibre optic cables, which the internet runs through to collect data on everyone in the country without the need to hack any servers they just get all the raw information.


None of this should be allowed without the necessary protections and legal frame work to protect the public and your information. However, very few people, including the Judiciary understand what the internet is and how it works. The government and security services can't tap your phone without a warrant from a judge but they are tapping the entire countries communication network without any permissions, using companies such as British Telecom and others. This is simply the tip of the iceberg.


So now it's down to everyone who has pledged to get our funding link out on Facebook and across your social media platforms and let everyone know what's happened and to support our campaign. We are now fighting for our right to have an opinion!

Thank you so much for your support so far. Please share our campaign link far and wide.

I can be contacted at zed@govote.org.uk

All the best

Zed Phoenix"

Please make a donation at Crowd Justice if you can. Freedom Media Platform support Zed's work and wish him every success in preventing Immunity Passports from being introduced into society. This is a big fight and not for the faint of heart... we salute Zed for his courage and determination and shall keep you updated on the latests as we find out.